Sunday, March 11, 2007

Nothing Important

posted Wednesday, 7 December 2005
A couple of nights ago we were sitting around, just shooting pooI, not doing much. So I convinced some friends of mine to go boxing with me. You probably know what Im talking about, its that arcade game where you put on 4 pounds of gloves, and you box against a 3d opponent. You have to dodge and duck and punch in the openings- tons of fun.
Anyway we get there and I beat my opponents- soundly. If you ever played it, chances are you didnt get past the 3rd guy. His name is Igor Dragunogov. I beat him and came within one more knockout of beating the 4th. Of course I was sweating like crazy and breathing hard. So one of the guys, lets call him Chaim says, "thats nothing, I bet I could do better". We wont go into details about his game, or the one after, or the one after. Basically he got slammed.
The next day I was already complaining about my charley horse,how I coundn't move my arms, and he insisted that he "only felt a little sore". So I explained that although he played 1 more game then me, I played more rounds, so I was sorer. But he insisted he was in better shape then me, and who am I to argue. Then later on that night chaim sent me a text message. Apparently he was in the bathroom, and he felt he had some important information to text me. This is what he sent me, direct quote: "I can't wipe myself, I need Wd40". Needless to say I had the last laugh.


Huuhaa said...

I did the same thing and passed igor. i only lost when i ran out of steam. There is more. A friend of mine informed me that you dont have to punch so hard, only lightly move your wrists because its only the motion, not the intensity of the motion that counts. I almost tried it on a date.

doodlehead said...

I beat the guy after igor for 2 rounds and lost after getting tired out in the rushes, you only have like 5 seconds for about 30 punches. That would so be an awesome date, except you gotta be wearing shorts and t-shirt. And you probably dont want to be sweating all over the place.

Huuhaa said...

Yeah thats why i didnt do it. But I have to try the light punching thing. If thats true I could go forever