Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New poems

posted Wednesday, 31 May 2006

new as in you've never seen em

(sorry, but I'll get to the old ones some other time)


Just doing math in a bubble bath:

2 bloody hands

plus lots of soap

equal one dead con

at end of rope

yup that’s just math in a bubble bath

5 men go in

minus 4 slit throats

equals 1 victor

with all the votes

that’s just math in a bubble bath

and speaking of math

take 1 crash

divide by 2 kids

equals 1 quick dash

and a red windshield splash.

and one loan shark

takes one hapless guy

and divides him into

20 mince pies

oh, and regarding fractions

it only takes 1 bat

to put 2 people in traction

well anyway

you know what they say

about doing math

in a bubble bath:

go over it twice

check every sum

cuz it certainly

wont be any fun

to take the bubble bath version

of accounting 101

Eternal bliss

At the valley of the dead

and the mountain of the live

where they come together

at the seaside

where second chances linger

where time doesn’t tick

and peace flows on

with the ebb of the tide

if sound would exist

youd hear at the reef

thousands of souls

breath a sigh of relief

where is this place?

does it even exist?

you need to travel

just through the mist

like a razor blade

slicing a wrist

if you cant find it

I’ll give you a lift


trix said...

*wince* that blood was horrible. so much death. my teeth itch.

s.j. said...

1.i don't even want to know what so many people are doing in your bubble bath.

nice though

2.good idea needs some work i think some tweaking on the rhythem and rhyme

doodlehead said...

trix- sorry abt ur teeth, maybe brush with steelwool? s.j- not my bubble bath, a random ordinary acid free bubble bath, im sure u know the type.

shalva said...

Loved the first one! Gory, and I can totally hear Eminem rapping to it, but still clever. Second one went way over my head for some reason. Must be too late for poetry.

the sabra said...

walla! nice! i like em both..though o so different...(reminds me of sj for some odd reason)...yes its gory but hey not all poems are meant for ol ladies in rockin chairs.

im welcoming myself to ur blog.

s.j. said...

even so.... when was the last time you had a bubble bath anyways? you're in a frickin yeshiva.

doodlehead said...

shalva- yup, m's my fav. poet. sabra- welcome! sj- trust me u dont want to know.

trix said...

I'm not a little old lady in a rocking chair. I'm a big girl who can even handle stephen king (except carri for obvios reasons, there were also parts of dreamcatcher that were a little too much for me)

doodlehead said...

you mentioned liking a different stephen king book in your blog. And my lil poem is warm and cuddly compared to some of his stuff. (not really, he's not as gross as people say. iv read every book he wrote and he isnt that bad)

trix said...

I like all his books I read, except carri and deloris clayborn. the second one cause it was still boring by the 4th page and there were no paragraph breaks. I can get through the blood if I know there is other stuff to look forward too, like misery, did that have and amazing ending or what.

doodlehead said...

I dunno if u got it, but it took me like a week to realize his point in misery and then when i got it I told my friends and they were like, no way!and they reread it and thay were like, cool! (and carry had like no gory parts)

bigflor said...

im usually highly-allergic to math..but this one..nice!

ps- carrie was his best actually. and made perfect sense. the oinly gore was when they butchered the pigs and pured the bucket of blood on her head..i woulda reacted the same way..

trix said...

in carri they were too mean to her. I thought the pig stuff was mean and gross (as was the rest of it) doodle-what point in misery were you talking about? the way he did what his book was talking about, changing the ending to make it good?

doodlehead said...

bigf-me2. thanks. i liked carrie but there r others i liked more. trix- sorta, he basically is pretending hes in same predicament, and makes her alive, i didnt realize till a week later.

flor said...

trix-- that's just it. she had every reason to act (or re- act) the way she did. i applaud her.

doodlehead said...

and her mother gets me so mad. i wanted 2 strangle her by 2nd page. her death was 2 nice and easy.

flor said...


trix said...

dood- thats why I liked the book so much. but I chapped it right away. flr-so why don't you care that they are mean to her. and yes her mother is supposed to get us mad.

flor said...

trix- heck. i DO care they're insanely mean to her. I was only agreeing with doodle..what his feelings were..how he wanted to strangle the mother for her despicable actions..

trix said...

so thats why I hated that book.

doodlehead said...

hes one of the few authors who never fails to bring out strong emotions in his readers (occasionally the emotion is "im never reading another king book again" but that just means hes good at what he does)