Tuesday, March 13, 2007

For all my loyal readers

posted Tuesday, 7 February 2006
For those 20 or so that check out my blog daily here is my message box number, feel free to leave me as many threatening messages as you want. Its 206 376-9694. (to get your own free number its 206 376-5000)


Jorj said...

moish!!! i finally signed onto hashkafa!!!! i'm addicted!!! aaaauuuuuuggggghhhhhh!!!!!! u gotto b forwarding me s/t funny or another to let me kno u got this mssg> l8r, jorj

goin to tzfas 4 shabbos, was in kfar chabad last week by piamenta but was so f'n stoned i don't remember a thing basically... bbye

trix said...

thanks for the info, but it isn't generally considered proper ediquite to post someones name in the comments of his blog. you seem to be new so I'll tell you how it goes. instead of his name (which I wont write with the assumption that someone will delete it, you write "doodle!!! I finally...." thats how it works on this planet.

jorj said...

dearest trix... try chewing on some ice cubes to let off some of u'r sexual tension... not e/o is so f'n paranoid to think that a first name dropped (and yes, accidently) will permanently screw s/o over... he does have his pic posted on h.com so it can't be that secret...... oh and to save me the bother of doing this whole post thing again... - same message just less sarcastic and in the nicest way possible... :-)

doodlehead said...

Whoa! This calls for a nice rousing rendition of " the shalom song"