Sunday, July 27, 2008


I'm aware that I haven't updated in a while. Unfortunately I haven't been able to post as often as I would like. Not because I don't want to, or because I don't have things to share, but simply because G-d controls the world and I am merely a puppet who bounces around doing the bidding of the Lord while being completely not in control of my destiny or blog updates. Things, usually very odd things, happen to me very often and although these bizarre occurrences make interesting stories and their tellings are sure to brighten up any boring dinner party -they don't allow me much time to type up my memoirs. (you try typing while the earmuffs you are wearing are being chewed on by a yak, or your computer succumbs to the horrible pressure at the bottom of the ocean floor- with no computer tech dude on the entire submarine.) This post is the official savlanut reminder. Dedicated to all the death threats and kicks in the pants that I have been receiving lately. You have all been hanging in there for an update, and I at least owe you that if not a new pair of knuckles.

I've been 23 for over a month now. I will continue to act like I'm four. I continue to stand strong and will not cave in to the pressures of society. (Acting your age is a lesson I learned at four, and I retain it very well.) After spending the last couple of months in America, I feel the only answer to its problems is Anarchy. (Perhaps this will create other problems, but it would definitely solve the existing ones. you're welcome) Pretty soon I'm gonna be headed off to my job at the camp for the special kids. Its tons of fun, and is just another continuation of me not being able to update. I will do my best to update, not because I'm scared of death threats, or because my pants is sore from the kicking, but simply because all my blank posting days means blank memories. Who knows what I've forgotten. (If it was a cure for AIDS again, I'm gonna really do something drastic, mark my words.)