Thursday, September 17, 2009

Not In Hawaii

Nope I'm not in Hawaii. If I receive another accusation of such, I may just actually go just to avoid further accusations. I haven't updated in what seems like years. This wouldn't seem to bother me much except that today I was googling for some random necessary information (google totally rocks) and I encountered one of my old blog posts. I sat down and read a few months of my really old posts, completely surprised that I had almost no recollection of most of the events that transpired back then. I decided right on the spot that I must blog for I am forgetting precious bits of my life. Quite entertaining bits of my life.
However, as I finally attempt to do jot down some of my thoughts I notice that I do not seem to remember what has taken place over the last few months. (I still dont wear a watch and if someone tries to inform me what year we are in I always put my fingers in my ears and say "alalalalalalalalalalal" until they go away. I try not to waste precious space in my brain for things as trivial as the time or date.) I do remember some things that has happened. For example, I do know that after two trials my sentence consists of community service. (Actually my plea bargain. And if I complete another additional 6 months of good behavior it gets erased from my criminal record completely!) I have finally completed the necessary hours and I'm sure the community is much better off. (Bah, the stupid justice system in this goshdurned country) I still have to get a letter sent to the judge or it doesn't qualify. Also I have hiked around the USA a bit. Or quite a lot. I've done some long distant hikes, the most notable was a bit more then 50 miles in one day. Starting at 6 am and hiking until somewhere around 9 in the evening. At the moment I'm wishing to go Israel for the chag, but it doesnt seem to be happening. I do carry my passport around, just in case.