Monday, November 26, 2007

The New Ani Tapuach

The ani tapuach campaign (if you are just tuning in, stop, and go read my previous entries on the topic. Right now. Put down the sandwich, no not on the keyboard, the mayonnaise will ruin the keyboard, yeah the mouse should be a better spot for now.) has been very successful at reaching its worldwide audience. Theres hardly anyone who hasnt heard of it or seen it somewhere. Now theres a new ani tapuach sticker. The guy running for mayor of Kfar Tapuach (a settlement in the shomron area)contacted my friend who started the tapuach campaign a few weeks ago, and they came up with this sticker to use on his election campaign.

Its a little different but the idea remains the same. I'm an apple you're an apple we're all apples.!אני תפוח

Monday, November 19, 2007

Death of Forks

G-d created humans to use all their five senses to enjoy food. When you see the food you are eating (and it looks appetizing) you enjoy your food more. Which is why a salad is not brown slop, its got all sorts of pretty colors. When you taste it, its obvious that you enjoy it more, (show me a man who eats without using his tongue, and I'll show you a man who tried licking his lawnmower blade to clean it)Smelling food is also a big part of enjoying food, when you have a cold you will notice that you taste less. Hearing is also part of the enjoyment (the thought process of the manufacturers of Cap'n Crunch was probably something along these lines) Feeling is also important when it comes to eating. You will notice that food tastes so much better when its eaten using your fingers instead of cutlery. It adds the fifth dimension to your food and allows you to completely enjoy it, using all of your senses, and experiencing food the way Nature intended.

This is why I'm starting a movement to abolish all cutlery. Its high time people stopped using knives and forks at meals. The only reason I can think of to use a fork is because its not polite not to. However, being polite means having others at the table's sensitivities in mind, which after my movement sweeps the nation won't be a problem at all. Simply due to the fact that it will be socially acceptable. All I need is one person to start the trend, and when people realize what they're missing out they'll all jump on the bandwagon.(even the 400 pound guy who lives behind the supermarket. The bandwagon may break, but I'm sure its insured) I'm willing to be the first brave one who tries this out. I'm gonna have to make a shabbos meal without any cutlery, just a finger bowl by each setting,(maybe a two finger bowls, one soapy, for the really greasy food) and a few cloth napkins. Soup will be served in a big mug. People think that people in the olden days were barbaric or uncouth, but in reality they had the right idea about eating food. They could've invented silverware, but just didn't because it would be pointless.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Sports are fun, and I love creating new ones. A while back a created a game I call Cockroach Crunch. To play all you need is a pair of night vision goggles and a dark room, late at night when the roaches roam free. Players take turns wearing the goggles and stomping barefoot on the roaches. Person with the most dead roaches wins.
Recently I created another game I call Croc Hockey. All you need is hockey sticks, a big indoor gym and two hockey teams wearing crocs. Flood the room with lotsa water, and play hockey. Its extremely dangerous due to the fact that its a lot harder to skate in crocs on a wet floor then on skates. Your feet will have much difficulty going in the same direction, and you will probably end up snapping an ankle or two. (which is half the fun) Its not a very high scoring game, but its definitely worth every second you can spare,learning how to croc skate.