Saturday, July 3, 2010

You are seriously out of the loop

If you are not aware of my twitter accounts existence or are aware but not following me, my advice it to get on the bandwagon. Its a different style then this blog and I'm limited to 140 characters.(which can be a pretty good thing depending on how much you like hearing me talk and which side of the bathroom door you are on) Just text the words 'follow z302' to the short code 40404 or search on for z302. If you'd prefer I also run a mental telepathy version of this blog which updates at least once a day. To join just telepathically send me an indication that you'd like to follow me and I'd gladly share.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

An update?

I have recently been informed by a small fowl fluttering by, that my fans would like my head. If that ornithological breakthrough was referring to my head atop my shoulders, I will now attempt to offer it for sale on e-bay. For sale: Head, used slightly, often as a paperweight, occasionally as hat rack, although most often just a safe place to store bits of string, glue and any random facts on things you probably don't want to know. This head does not include free shipping or detaching. Any bids are made with the knowledge that the buyer will have to remove head from body at his own risk and using his own tools.
If however this wanting of my head was metaphorically referring to the desire for my head detached from my body, without any need for my head itself, due to my lack of updating this blog and possibly my prank calls to random people at 3 in the morning, then I do apologize. Not for waking you up to inquire about the state of your kitchen appliances, nor because of this blog's terrible update rate. I apologize simply because I refuse to part with my head just for kicks. If someone was planning on bidding on it on ebay I might make an exception, but the alternative just will not fly. I'm rather attached to it in an anatomical way and besides I have just updated. If you are stuck with any string and glue and are having difficulty storing it anywhere, perhaps try a box. Or a bag. A flower pot can work and so can a thermonuclear power plant. Either way, when you locate a proper receptacle of your choice, ask yourself this one question: "Yeah but can it ALSO double as a hat rack and paperweight?" I think not.