Friday, May 23, 2008

I know

Its been a while since I last updated. I know. I'm not dead or hospitalized. I'm not in prison or in a hostile country. I'm not stuck in a perpetual loop in my time altering machine (again). Nor am I quitting. I just havent gotten around to updating. I almost forgot how to type in the long time I havent updated. I remembered only because smart people like me realize after much trial and error that when you push a key on the keyboard a corresponding letter appears on the screen. 'Backspace' does exactly that, and 'space bar'- although it isn't labeled, is only a matter of time until you accidentally bump into it with its long easy to find sized key right next to your thumbs.

Anyway I'm having difficulty and you can help. A while ago I had heard you can make a nice sized explosion using a large quantity of urine, some mouthwash and mint flavored menthos. I tried it in a bazillion different variations, using all sorts of different methods. (special thanks to all those who donated the large quantities of urine) Nothing worked. If you know anything about the piss-bomb please comment with the info. (like how exactly its done, how big an explosion we're talking here. The ratios. If its even possible. If it makes a difference what the urine donaters drank beforehand. If drinking jet fuel has any detrimental affects on peoples health. That sorta thing.) It would make my day, thanks.