Thursday, December 13, 2007


Its been a while since I updated last. I know. Its been a while cuz its really difficult to update blogs when you're spending every waking moment of your day studying for your bar exam, taking skydiving courses and helping old ladies cross the street. (a very much overrated activity, since if old ladies can walk the blocks between the street crossings they can probably make the short distance across the street without your assistance. Plus its not like you're doing much more than a cane would anyway. However if you plan on pursuing a career in presidency of the US, then it would at least accomplish some brownie points on your resume, if nothing else.) Not that I've actually been doing any of that lately, but I'm sure its difficult to update your blog when doing any of the aforementioned activities. So I hear. The problem with not updating often is that I forget what I've been up to all this time, and have to take wild guesses hoping that I'm close to the truth. (If I'm not and somehow recover my lost memories I'll be first to line up in the class action lawsuit against myself. If I ever pass my bar exam that is.)
I have received all the emails, voice mails, text messages and telegrams (ok not really telegrams, but telegrams are tons of fun. STOP. They actually have em at the post office here, but when I tried sending one, they gave me a long complicated speech in hebrew that involved the words powdered yak bone, and telephone a lot. So I'm not sure what the whole story on them is.STOP.)people sent to inquire on my living status. Well I'm alive and kicking and trying not to hurt my toes when kicking. I'm contemplating taking a trip to Japan or Europe in the near future, but haven't decided on details, and I still havent figured out how to smuggle a trained monkey in my carry-on. I also am planning a cross country moped trip when I get back to the US but thats not for while. Still have to work out a few details like the moped, helmet, and where to stop. (seattle, LA, alaska, mexico, What do you think?)