Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm Tagged

Not a meme, or a game of duck duck goose, but an eight fact about yourself game. Although theres way to much to say and I can't pinpoint 8 facts or habits, I'm gonna just pick stuff and if you don't like it then you can read my wiki pages for more info. (whenever someone decides to write one. Probably when I become rich and famous, or bump off someone rich and famous)I'm honored to be tagged by jewmaican.I'm gonna try to pick stuff that isn't so well known. First heres the rules.
1) Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves.
2) The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed.
3) At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.
Ok heres eight facts/habits.
1)First of all (this is like really important so pay attention) despite what the rest of the world thinks, I disagree and think that Family guy is not random at all. It actually makes tons of sense and still manages to be funny.
2)I was born in Mount Sinai hospital (in NYC)on July 3rd 1985.
2)I enjoy sitting around doing nothing just as much as I enjoy bouncing around doing everything. (Everything is fun,doing Nothing and doing Something!)
2)I have a hard time with simple math(anything more complex then 1+1 and my brain starts the self destruct countdown), and I praise the holy lord every day for the invention of calculators on cellphones.
2)I recently discovered that a long lost relative of mine is a slightly psycho cult leader, who talks to the dead and does all sorts of freaky rituals. This doesnt surprise me in the slightest, cuz most of my relatives are cracked.
2)Although I consider any fear or phobia a sign of weakness, I used to have a minor fear of heights. (After confronting it and shooting it in the head with a high caliber hand gun, I'm now way over it)
2)I've always wanted a cat but never ended up getting one.
2)My music taste ranges from death metal to classical and everything in between.
That should cover it.Any questions? Now I tag calvin, esser agaroth, frum house ,k-rebbe,life in israel, shorty, social worker, teddy douglas.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Just got back, spent the last few days in eilat. It was time for a vacation and I took one. (having fun all the time can be tiring too) It was extremely hot and I enjoyed roasting in the 115-120 degree range weather. Here are some pics

I wanted to take pics of scuba diving, but my camera wasnt waterproof. Theres lots of cool stuff underwater. (like colorful fish, coral, and all that spiky and spongy stuff on the floor, and anchors from ships that didnt make it, and ships that didnt make it, so close yet just didnt make it, poor souls) So instead of posting a pic of me in a wetsuit and goggles I'm gonna post a pic of a friend of mine going down hard head first off his water skis. (Definitely the more humorous choice. Although I found a little nemo who was really cute and deserved to have his pic taken.)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Almost Over

The riots are going nicely. A little quieter then last time, but exciting nonetheless. Last night I ran around, climbed, jumped, fell, stepped on nails, swung on barbed wire, hung on splintering wood, and survived, but still couldn't get clear pics. Even with a flash, pictures don't come out clearly at night. Heres a pic of a water cannon aiming right at me. (I snapped and then found myself waterlogged and a few blocks down.... Just kidding. They had it pointed at me for a while and then decided some others throwing the molotov cocktails as more of a threat then me, and blasted them instead.)

I took a buncha pics but not so clear. Here are some random clearerer (I love making up words, try it someday) pics I took yesterday. (using the blessing of g-d called sunlight. Oh the glorious shine and warmth.)
I climbed to the tip of the highest building in the old city.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

All over again

The riots are in full swing. Last night everyone enjoyed lots of action. It was fun to look around yeshiva this morning and see who was sporting a black eye, bruised limbs or who's seat was empty. (read: carted off to jail) Lots of people were hurt and lots of excitement occurred, unfortunately I missed most of it cuz I didnt get back after shabbos till really late. (yes shabbos was awesome, thanks for asking,we all got roasted on the beach a whole friday, and thoroughly enjoyed hanging with tons of cool relatives)While water cannons smashed random peoples windows, and yassems beat up random innocent people, I was missing all the action having a fun time. I'm not so worried since there should be plenty of more riots for me to join. (or if all else fails I can start my own. Its easier then most people think.)
Today (while walking towards my apartment) I tried a move (I saw it in a free running vid) that involves running toward a moving car and jumping up and running over it from front to back. When I did it the guy wasnt too happy, and immediately started going real fast and swerving and not letting me jump off. I hung on for a buncha blocks and when he got to my block I jumped off. Me and my parkour friends cant wait for riots tonight, we're gonna actually have people chasing us now, while we climb and jump over buildings. Its a great way to work on our speed.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Riots & Bandaids

Its happening again. Hafganot. You can already smell the burning garbage, and you can almost hear the sounds of batons crunching people on the skull. Another parade is on the way and people are pissed. (and who can turn down an opportunity to riot)I wonder how skilled the riot police are at scaling walls and jumping across rooftops. I highly doubt that I'll be caught this time. (last time I wasnt caught either but that was because of a combination of luck, speed, a lead pipe, and lots of cinder blocks.)Time will tell.
In other rather exciting news, I have discovered something cool about band-aids. While peeling off the paper that surrounds the band-aid in a dark room (late one night after free running, and pulling a large piece of glass out of my hand)I noticed that the paper wrapper sparks while pulling it apart. (really! try it yourself) At first I thought it was a fluke but then I tried it a bunch of times and saw it each time it happened. It could be it was only on sesame street band-aids. I'm gonna have to investigate other varieties as well.
Tonight I'm heading to the beach and staying nearby until after shabbos. I'm going with a few cousins and staying by relatives. I've already made lots of progress in the relatives list. Pretty soon I may even get it down to just a few. I've got lots of real cool relatives. (well obviously, they're related to me)

Monday, June 11, 2007


Yesterday I joined a program they had for Americans to train with the israeli special forces for a day.We went to an army base in an undisclosed location. It was lots of fun (especially if your idea of fun is to walk through the hot desert carrying a stretcher loaded with sand bags)We werent allowed to take pictures of certain things because of a lot of it being classified. I took pics but I'm not stupid enough to post them online. I wouldn't want to put the soldiers who protect us lives in danger. The special forces work real hard and it was great to experience their day. We got trained in shooting all different types of guns. We also sweated so much we almost passed out(although they did make us drink lots of water.)It was awesome to jog around wearing a bullet proof vest and lots of other heavy equipment (and even awesomer to do pushups in them)Heres a pic of an armored truck the army uses.

Heres the inside.

One of the guns we shot was the negev. Its a big machine gun on a tripod, that shoots lots of bullets very fast and powerfully. (I dont remember exactly how many but lets just say it would hurt a little if you were accidentally standing on the wrong side)Heres a pic of me shooting it. (when I had it on semi automatic I was dead accurate at 100 meters. When I had it on full auto I wasnt as good, cuz its got much more recoil then the m-16.)

Heres a pic of the m-4 with grenade launcher.(the clips were in my vest)

This is a view through a scope. (We didnt get scopes to shoot at the range)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Pics and Stuff

Yesterday I went to yad vashem. They are really strict about taking pictures. (Strict as in not letting you take them.They can be pretty menacing with pictures of horrible atrocities and nazi propaganda all over the place)Here are a couple of pics
Some flags. (sorry the lighting sucked)

A little girls hair.

Some Zyklon B. (If you don't know what that is, its the stuff they used in the gas chambers)

Some pics of victims.

Today I went to the Israel museum. They are also very strict about photos and have a lot more guards. Heres some pics.
Some art.

The beis hamikdash.

Dead sea scrolls. (ye most of my pics are unclear. thats just the way its gonna be)

A pair of feet. (no it wasnt an exhibit)

This shabbos I'm heading to netanya. For sunday I'm joining the IDF. Thats all for now. More later.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

On the rooftops of Jerusalem

I havent had a chance to update in a while. I've been busy doing various things that keep me busy. One of them is Parkour. Its tons of fun to climb and jump on buildings. I havent sustained any serious injuries yet, and besides for one time when I accidentally crashed a foot through someones roof (when running on was a weak roof. I didnt mean to) I havent broken anything. Heres some pics of views from on top of buildings.

I don't have any videos of us because we don't have a video camera, and even if we had a camera we would need someone who can operate the camera with one hand while dangling four stories in the air with the other. So far we havent had any applicants for the job.
Today someone tried calling the cops again. (I guess people get nervous when theres people climbing up their buildings and jumping on their roofs) We've never hung around long enough for the cops to arrive (the point of the sport is to keep moving. fast) but I would love to see the cops trying to keep up with us. Theres no way anyone can go faster then someone traveling over rooftops, especially in a hood like mine.