Thursday, June 7, 2007

Pics and Stuff

Yesterday I went to yad vashem. They are really strict about taking pictures. (Strict as in not letting you take them.They can be pretty menacing with pictures of horrible atrocities and nazi propaganda all over the place)Here are a couple of pics
Some flags. (sorry the lighting sucked)

A little girls hair.

Some Zyklon B. (If you don't know what that is, its the stuff they used in the gas chambers)

Some pics of victims.

Today I went to the Israel museum. They are also very strict about photos and have a lot more guards. Heres some pics.
Some art.

The beis hamikdash.

Dead sea scrolls. (ye most of my pics are unclear. thats just the way its gonna be)

A pair of feet. (no it wasnt an exhibit)

This shabbos I'm heading to netanya. For sunday I'm joining the IDF. Thats all for now. More later.


trixies86 said...

really joining the army or joining them for a picnic?

Shaina said...

thanx for the pics. illegal pics are always better.
good luck with the army and stuff.
and next time, post a biceps picture. toes are just boring.
have a gr8 shabbos dude

Sophia A F said...

Say Hi to my mom for me in Natanya... Where about you staying? Near the frumiies?

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Nice pics, have fun!

Reb Y. said...

When u commin 2my house?

doodlehead said...

trix- no. joining the special forces on a trial program for americans.
shaina- ur welcome. ye theyre the most fun. my frend would b tickled that his toes r online rite now.u2.
saf-i wouldve if i knew who she was. no next 2 the beach.
swfm-thanks. u kno i always do.
reb y- id love to. when ever u wanna invite me.

trixies86 said...

holy cow, your joining the army?!? what do your parents have to say about that? are you quiting mir or is it just for the summer? will yeshiva take you back after? is it a frum unit? and lots of other questions. your worse than shaina shocking me by getting engaged.

doodlehead said...

trix u misunderstood. next post should clear things up.