Monday, June 11, 2007


Yesterday I joined a program they had for Americans to train with the israeli special forces for a day.We went to an army base in an undisclosed location. It was lots of fun (especially if your idea of fun is to walk through the hot desert carrying a stretcher loaded with sand bags)We werent allowed to take pictures of certain things because of a lot of it being classified. I took pics but I'm not stupid enough to post them online. I wouldn't want to put the soldiers who protect us lives in danger. The special forces work real hard and it was great to experience their day. We got trained in shooting all different types of guns. We also sweated so much we almost passed out(although they did make us drink lots of water.)It was awesome to jog around wearing a bullet proof vest and lots of other heavy equipment (and even awesomer to do pushups in them)Heres a pic of an armored truck the army uses.

Heres the inside.

One of the guns we shot was the negev. Its a big machine gun on a tripod, that shoots lots of bullets very fast and powerfully. (I dont remember exactly how many but lets just say it would hurt a little if you were accidentally standing on the wrong side)Heres a pic of me shooting it. (when I had it on semi automatic I was dead accurate at 100 meters. When I had it on full auto I wasnt as good, cuz its got much more recoil then the m-16.)

Heres a pic of the m-4 with grenade launcher.(the clips were in my vest)

This is a view through a scope. (We didnt get scopes to shoot at the range)


trix said...

fwew, you scared me. sounds like fun.

Shaina said...

oh my gosh
come home
right now

doodlehead said...

trix- it was awesome. i loved every second of it.
shaina- :) why? whatsamatter?

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Very cool.

doodlehead said...


Reb Y. said...

very cool! when u come 2my house leave the gun at home please

doodlehead said...

no problemo. :)

Ben-Yehudah said...

B"H Undisclosed location? yeah, I was there once. It was kind of cool.

When are you coming back to Tapu'ah for Shabbath? I'm sure you'll some guys here that you recognize. It's been a big crowd lately.

Plus, you have "protexia," and can choose to sleep in "mattress in the living room" accommodations if you don't want to sleep in a tent on the hilltop.

Plus, there's still the issue of those bumper stickers we need to discuss.

Speaking of which, some guy a couple weeks ago was here w/an Ani Tapu'ah cap! has this turned into a franchise or something? :-)

doodlehead said...

i have no clue where it was. when were u there?
id love 2 come back, its tons of fun.
how many can fit into the 'mattress in living room' suite?
what happened 2 the last delivery?
lots of guys have the cap, e/o likes tapuach gear.

Ben-Yehudah said...

B"H No I wasn't "there." I was just kidding about "undisclosed locations."

One per mattress please. We can scrape up a second mattress.

The last delivery? We didn't have a chance to abscond with any yet. ;-)

doodlehead said...

ok sounds cool.
if u dont manage 2 get any il bring when i come.

the sabra said...


(yes i know i'm commenting on info that is older than old. sue me.)