Monday, November 26, 2007

The New Ani Tapuach

The ani tapuach campaign (if you are just tuning in, stop, and go read my previous entries on the topic. Right now. Put down the sandwich, no not on the keyboard, the mayonnaise will ruin the keyboard, yeah the mouse should be a better spot for now.) has been very successful at reaching its worldwide audience. Theres hardly anyone who hasnt heard of it or seen it somewhere. Now theres a new ani tapuach sticker. The guy running for mayor of Kfar Tapuach (a settlement in the shomron area)contacted my friend who started the tapuach campaign a few weeks ago, and they came up with this sticker to use on his election campaign.

Its a little different but the idea remains the same. I'm an apple you're an apple we're all apples.!אני תפוח


Ben-Yehudah said...

B"H Should I tell your readers why there was an "adaption" of the original? Should I tell them what the Alef-Bet means on the left? Should I tell them what the connection is with tomorrow 18 Kislev/27 November?

Or are you keeping that a secret for now?


doodlehead said...

feel free to share. :)

Ben-Yehudah said...

B"H Tomorrow is election day in Israel for many local authorities incluing the town council of K'far Tapau'ah in the Shomron (Joshua 17).

The bumper sticker, made famous by HOD Blogger Extraordinaire, and his hevra, was adapted [with their permission] for use as election perephernalia by a particular set of candidate.

The Alef-Bet is the two-letter code on the note they'd like you to place in your election envelop, from a choice of three.

That's how it's done here. No hanging chads to worry about.

doodlehead said...

thanks for your input.

Jacob Da Jew said...

You gonna get some dough for this ?

doodlehead said...

nope. :)

Calvin and Hobbes said...

Dude, you need to post again already. This thing has been up for like 2 weeks already :-P