Monday, March 12, 2007

Shabbos with Soapmaker

posted Monday, 19 December 2005

I'll skip all the pleasant details and get right down to the unpleasant ones, because thats what you (the loyal reader) want to hear.

blblblblllbbllblblblllblblblblblblb(these are fast forward noises, sorry if you cant hear them, I do them much better with my mouth)blblblblblblbllbllblblblbblblblblblblblkblbbblbllbblblblllblbblblblblbblblblblblbllelllblllllnbblblblblbb

Ok, shabbos day meal, everyone sitting around enjoying when all of a sudden I start choking on a carrot. So not knowing much about the heimlich I attempt to impale myself on the back of my chair. Nothing doing. Sitting on my right was soap, enjoying the show. He was laughing. I kid you not. In his hand he was holding a tub of popcorn (ok, not really, but it was the same idea) and he was calmly munching, while halfheartedly cheering me on. Eventually I managed to get the food down and everyone returned back to their scheduled cholent, and I returned to chair, minus most of it.

I didnt say anything more about it. But I had my revenge. Later on that day I casually walked over to soap and asked " hey man, you wanna get hypnotized? " he consented (this would be my third time hypnotizing him)and after gathering an audience we went to a quiet room . Once he was in my power (insert evil laugh) I made him put on a really funny show. If you ask him about it he will deny it, but when he awoke, why were his socks on his hands? And why ,, oh forget it, theres no reason to embarass him all over again. Lets just say this shabbos was all about the revenge of the doodle. Mwahahaha.

posted Monday, 19 December 2005

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