Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Harry Potter 7th book

posted Tuesday, 25 April 2006

I know everybody thinks that snape is evil and everything, but I think we should all be dan lekaf zchus. If you read the 6th carefully you will notice that in the middle of the book dumbledore is forcing snape to continue going along with the plan, and at the end of the book right before he dies, the wording of his pleading with snape, is that he's asking him to kill him. If you ask me, the plan is that snape kills dumbledore in front of the death eaters, which would be dumbledores sacrifice to allow snape to clear the way for harry to voldemort. What d'you think?

Oh and R.A.B sounds like its sirius's brother regulus, who was a death eater that managed to live a couple of hours after he ran from voldemort.


trix said...

I don't like snape. I don't like dumbledoor. I don't like the wesly parents. I don't like Mrs person who runs the house that harry is in. I think she is being stupid that snape gives his house points like crazy and she is too strict on hers. that is my analysis of harry potter. oh right, I do like the kids and hagrid is semi-ok. but its well written and a decent plot. thats all that matters.

BZ said...

snape is not evil he's not good either the book has been out for months - you're coming to this conclusion *now?*

doodlehead said...

Yup, I just reread all 6 books. Untill now I was under the impression that snape was working against both sides because he was a double agent for both. But now I think its obvious that dumbledor planned his own death.(what did he say in the first book ,to the well orgized mind,death is but the next great adventure')