Tuesday, March 13, 2007


posted Saturday, 27 May 2006

We have over 4000 hits on this blog. Thank you all for coming. *takes a humble bow, and slowly backs off stage, trips over a trombone someone left behind, slams head into concrete wall, cleverly disguised as a beach,with sand and waves and a tired looking jellyfish, winds up in hospital bed where all they let me do is ache and wear bandages that cover everything but my nose. At least over 4000 people enjoyed my blog. Now I can go in peace. The body cast? eh. occupational hazard.it was worth it, right?


trix said...

or some of us enjoyed your blog close to 4000 times.

doodlehead said...

il skip the math (unless u want a suicidal doodl on your hands) but there r like a bazilion possibilities of different number combinations (like 2 ppl 2000 times etc)