Sunday, March 25, 2007

Why do I even bother with long drawn out titles?

Oh right, I get a kick out of them. Good point.

posted Friday, 10 November 2006

Guess what. Guess. Nope not telling you, you have to guess. Nope. Guess again. Wrong again, I'l just tell you. I'm alive. Yayy! First of all i'm gonna apologize for my lack of grammar,spelling and stuff that gives english teachers many long nights waking up in cold sweat. I blame reading and talking hebrew too much lately, and my lack of time. (and i was traumatized at an early age that cuddly zoo animals should be left in their cages, and one should not poke them with sharp pointy objects, really)

This week hardly had a dull moment. I'm not gonna bore you with all the details of who got beat over the head with horses, who beat a horse over the head with a cop, who managed to dehorse a cop,who chucked rocks at who and who got arrested. The final hafgana was the one when the cops rushed into my home turf and invaded the mir. It was fun ,but didnt get that out of hand. The parade was pretty much canceled, they are having a behind close doors parade ("we have pride we're not ashamed of who we are, hey shut that window, someone might hear us") The signs pretty much say, that 'we the chareidim cant stand gay ppl at all, but we're gonna compromise and not riot on this one'. Its not like there wont be any more hafganas, theres always something to hafgana about.

In other somewhat related news,I just bought the commemarative (im not even gonna TRY spelling anything right till I get back to an english speaking country, although I'm sure its an o) hafgana of the gays tshirt. Its pretty funny. In other news not even remotely related, I'm probably gonna end up getting insurance. And I'm gonna try to update more often, and i might even try to make sense when I do. (no promises tho) stay tuned. (or dont, and just walk around with a head full of static for all I care, I'm not gonna be the one missing my ride when they come back to this planet)


shaina said...

It's "commemorative." Also, you don't say "who chucked rocks at who." It's "whom." One thing you didn't mention was whether you were going to participate in the behind-the-doors gay parade. I have 2 friends who once joined in one for the heck of it. That's definitely something you should do. Oh, also, I guessed the first time you said "Guess what," so there was no need for you to say "Guess again" like you did. Next time, listen to the other party better when you're having a conversation. Thank you.

trix said...

Is so cool that your alive.

shaina, I think there is a sort of dress code by those parades. if I was a guy I wouldn't wan't to dress like that.

doodlehead said...

shaina- ani lo mayvin englit. (and thats not what u guessed and u kno it) trix-isnt it awesome, imagine how mad id b if i wasnt.

teddydouglas said...

shaina, so good of you to spell "commemorative", and its great that you are so supportive of the parade. l'doodl shelo maivin anglit, amarti todah l'shaina b'shvil hakomentim shela. blog yafeh.