Sunday, March 25, 2007


Hows that for an original title?

posted Friday, 3 November 2006

This past whole week was like over way to fast, so It was just one big blur and I cant write much about a blur except that blurs are ofter colorful and depending on what is causing the blur (like if you try drag racing a ferrari on the highway, and he decides hes in a rush)often accompanied by loud noises.

Basically this past whole week was full of hafganas.Everyones pissed about the upcoming gay parade, so they've been having riots and other fun stuff all this week. (next week, if possible its supposed to be even bigger) For all those who dont know, a hafgana is basically this fun gathering of all the people in the city, where they burn dumpsters, chant, run for their lives when the bad guys show up, and repeat. For hours.(somebody should introduce these people to video games) I wanted to attend them all but I was working on getting insurance for my stolen stuff, so I didnt really have time. (if i get the insurance its gonna be a little more then 4 thousand bucks, so I better get it, or I might have to do something drastic, like offer pogo stick tours aroung israel to make back my money) Last night I had some time so I went. It was awesome. There wasnt a single dumpster not on fire. A bit silly because most of them were plastic and they melted into a little cute lump of plasic on top of some wheels, but its all in good fun so its ok. I actually felt a little bad for the dumpsters, its not like they did something wrong, but I figured they mustve or they wouldnt be on fire. So I got a chant started-"dumpsters are gay, burn em" but it didnt last long.

Hafganas are awesome fun, and you can try it at home. (if u live in this country that is, I doubt in the u.s ud have that much fun doing the same) All you have to do is, step 1, push a overflowing dumpster into the middle of a street (try to find the biggest street and dumpster) then light it. Next you chant something(whatever you like, it doesnt have to be on topic nobodys really listening if you scream something like "down with vanilla, up with cookies and cream, or rocky road whichever I can get now!") Then when the regular cops push you around just back off a bit but dont go for the mad scramble yet. Thats comes when the riot police get there. Youll know when they arrive cuz the whole crowd screams "yassem" or "nazi" and runs for their lives. They are armed with big sticks, horses, water cannons and other stuff that'l make you wish you were much further away and still running. They also arrest and beat innocent bystanders, so even the people gawking out of windows take cover when they arrive.

I gotta run now, but theres much more to write on this topic, but its gonna have to be by s/o else w/ more time. Good shabbos.


trix said...

thanks for the explination of hafganah. sounds like fun and like I wouldn't want to be near one.

flor/'toe/future j'er?? said...

whoo! got sprayed by the water cannon last week. fun. glad i wore my docs that night. and so the question remains-- where the heck do we slam-dunk our bags of garbage now that the poor dumpsters have gone to the big burn-unit in the sky? (oh right, on the front porch of all the ones whose bright idea this all was..)

Then again, coming home redolent wi th the heady smell of burnt-offerings..that smell remarkably like a backroad tucked into the pristine woods of vermont on a cold winters' night; everyone's fireplace chugging away..not too bad actually. and who cares abt the dye-spraying cannon; i mean hey, one sniff of clothing can pinpoint exactly where you'd been the other night..and night before..and..

doodlehead said...

sounds like u enjoyed it too :)