Sunday, March 25, 2007

Amuse yourself & others

at a once only, low price of your facade of sanity. cheaper then a song and not as loud and squeely.

posted Monday, 27 November 2006

I was walking past a bus stopped at a red light,& I see an old yerushalmi man staring out the window blankely.I immediately cover my face with my hands and approach his window.Peeking through my fingers,I make sure I have his attention,and pull my hands away,thrust my face forward forcibly at his window,and scream "BOO!" This little game can keep u occupied for hrs.The best part is watching his face change from slightly perplexed 2 totally shocked and bewildered.The second old and bored man I did it to almost died.


doodlehead said...

so ur gonna have 2 b careful when u pick ur victims. heart attacks r never humorous. (except....uh no, even thats not funny)

shalva said...

omg that's not funny.

i did that once to a friend of mine (young&bored) and she nearly died.

keep ur humorous pranks low-key, dhead! :)

shaina said...

oh that's funny. i automatically type in "shalva" when i sign this blog.

trix said...

funny, but not really my type

doodlehead said...

i sorta felt bad 4 the guy, just staring blankely at light poles. now he had a little excitement, and a story 2 tell his grandkids.