Monday, March 12, 2007

Master of Deception

posted Thursday, 22 December 2005
Who do you know that can fool their own mother. They know everything.

My bro was just in a little trouble. Nothing major but it was something he wouldnt our mom to find out. Now I had a suggestion for her to help him, but wasnt going to tell it to her if she didnt know about it. So I call her. Conversation went like this: ring ring ring


Me:hi how are you

(we exchange pleasantries, you know the weather, how I'm feeling, how shes feeling, how to solve the worlds problems, without a nucleur war)

Me: (tottally matter of factly ) so, didja speak to Eddie lately?

Her: No, (then all of a sudden her voice takes on a accusatory tone) whats he done now?

M: Nothing, I was just wondering if you spoke to him lately, because all I've been getting is his voicemail.

H: No, he did something what did he do?

M: He didnt do anything. I'm just asking.

H: Tell me what he did.

M: Ok basically him and his goon pals had this whole plot to blow up the White house and most of its front lawn. They had the C4 and most of the supplies. The problem was that their car was a stolen car and the cops found it last night. They needed a car to get to washington, and he called me. I got one for them, but was trying to get in touch with him, so thats why I asked.


M: I'm serious.

H: Thats not true

M: ok, just kidding, they werent blowing up anything this time.

H: So why did you ask?

M: I'm just concerned about my bro. Thats all.


(then the conversation turned to the goodbyes part and that was the end)

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