Sunday, March 25, 2007

This shabbos

or shabbat. or motorcycle. (ok, fine just shabbat)

posted Sunday, 19 November 2006

Shabbat Chaye sara in chevron was amazing.There were like bazillions of people there. In the house I stayed in there was about 80 people.The floor was bit hard and the guy next to me's foot tasted terrible, but it was definitely worth it. In the parsha Efron told Avrom he could have the land cheap,and then proceeded to rip him off. Walking from kiryat arba to chevron, I stopped in a vineyardand after being told to pay whatever I wanted for a cluster of grapes, ended up paying more then ten bucks .It was awesome! I was living the parsha!


'toe said...

(jealous)..i'd planned ot be there but a family simcha had to be attened far away..ah well.

doodlehead said...

sorry u missed it. :'(