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Passion Of The Christ

posted Wednesday, 28 December 2005
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So, I just watched Passion of the Christ. I know it came out a while ago, but lets just say it wasnt on the top of my must see list, not anywhere near the top.

Any way, as a movie it sucked. The bloody scenes were pretty realistic(as opposed to the Kill bills, which had a lot more gore but it was way to fake), but thats all. And all those people who say its not an anti jewish movie, it is. I know, I know, it explains that the Romans killed jesus and all that, but after watching that movie I really hated those rabbis. And I'm friggin jewish! They were portrayed as absolute monsters. (And as we all know, real rabbis are far from monsters.)

The part that got me really excited though, was the fact that it was done in Aramaic! I never knew how much I picked up from gemora. It was amazing. I was listening to the dialogue, trying to guess what the subtitles would say in english, noticing the slight changes they made from the literal translation. It was a so much fun, that I didnt even realize how boring the rest of the movie was. And the cool thing was that most of the time the shouts from the crowd or bystanders were authentically done in aramaic, even if it wasnt subtitled. In the begining when they caught jesus, and he was on the ground he's actually repeating the same line in tehillim over and over.

That would be the only reason I would suggest watching it. Just to hear aramaic spoken aloud. Its a really cool feeling.

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TheFat Boy said...

I saw the movie, too. gotta agree with you. i linked to you; can u please link back 2 me?