Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm Back

posted Friday, 17 March 2006

Just got back, spent the week in L.a. Trip was very nice. It was for the most part good weather. Uneventful. (I'm going to deny all the stories people will tell ya anyway.) On the way there I made sure to remove all the 'lethal' weapons from my bag. I had to get rid of my nail clipper, my needle nose pliers, my stun gun, and my diving knife. On the way back, one of my freinds thought it humorous to slip some metal object into my pocket before security, and then capture the whole pat down, wand, strip search, on his video phone. It happens to be a funny video, but it proves that our whole security system is just a waste of time. The guy was too scared to pat down my crotch area (probably because of lawsuits) If I wanted to smuggle in a ceramic machine gun, I'd know exactly where to hide it.

Anyway, being that we left on motze shushan purim, our plane was half yeshiva bachrim. Lotsa fun. I'm sure the flight attendants enjoyed it as well. I am in the process of compiling a list, of all the ways you could smuggle a lethal weapon onto a plane. I'm up to 32 and still counting. I'm still undecided about sharing it with the general public. If you're not a terrorist and want the list leave a message, and I'll get back to you.


suliman jamal said...

i am not a terrorist. nor do i have any connections with any terrorist connections. i would be very much pleased if you could supply me with your list.

thank you.

doodlehead said...

suli old buddy, your gonna have to do better then that. I distinctly remember seeing you leaving a halal store, and your cats name is osama. If you can explain, then we'll talk.

trix said...

sounds like you got better wheather than me. I got cold california- is that a cheat or what. (I got no blog so I gotta take it out on yours)

s.j. said...

trix, what's the deal? i'm treif but this is ok?

trix said...

sj, feel honored, obviosly you are more of a yetzer hora (actually, I don't have convo's with doodle here. I did that with you on your blog. and my blog.)

sj said...

ok, ok.


merely puzzled.