Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm very sorry

posted Wednesday, 4 January 2006

For all of those constant readers(it seems I only have about 20 daily readers but wtvr) out there, I'm very sorry but I am no longer going to be able to update this exciting and entertaining blog anymore. Now dont start complaining and crying its not gonna help you any. I may (key word is may)update it once in a while just not every day like I started trying to do before. Maybe if you would have commented once in a while.......... j/k ..........sorta.

love, doodle


Huuhaa said...

you are making me feel guilty for not ditching the site. I have so much I need to do besides yeshiva. Yeesh.

Trixies said...

can't be cause I somtimes even comment

The Fat Boy said...

dude, u still didn't link 2 me : ( anyway. blogging takes time; you have to invest urself in it and use tools like Link2Blogs and BlogExplosion. shalom