Monday, March 12, 2007

Quick update

posted Friday, 13 January 2006

The past week has been really strange without my daily fix. For those of you who know me, can you picture the guy with a smile on his face 24/7, even when getting the sh** beaten out of him by a friendly gang, or getting thrown out of a cab, or run over by a cab, or the countless other things that most people would consider slightly displeasing, being sad. Not depressed (maybe for a minute or two) but I was having suicidal thoughts. Not like " I want to kill myself" but more like standing on the edge of the highway saying "hmm I wonder what would happen if I would position my head under that wheel, d'you think it would pop or just smush" like that. Then I spent some quality time walking back and forth across the highway (a whole buncha lanes) but nobody hit me.

Anyway it passed pretty quickly and I was back to my old chipper self in no time. I would like to write about the party we threw for a friends 21st birthday, but its way too long to write, and really crazy.

In other news. I'm really getting pis$ed (why would this blog censor that word?) about the stupid letters in the yated lately and I will try to send one in myself , cuz' the world still needs the doodleview. I'm gonna have to send in a whole bunch of different ones, because I suspect they dont put in all the letters they recieve, and if its too controversial or true they dont put it in. Dont worry if mine makes it in you'll probably be able to tell its mine . (if not, you will know from the signature.) Ok till next time,



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