Monday, March 12, 2007

The perfect crime

posted Friday, 20 January 2006

I was just thinking, (no I'm not planning to kill anyone, this is strictly hypodermic.. uh.. hydrostatic.....uh.... hypothetic. something like that) I have the perfect unsolvable crime.

During my average day, I come across many situations that had I been a criminal, I would most definitely take advantage of. Like certain lacks of security (will not be mentioned for obvious reasons) and the ease in which (if I were a thief, yabadaba dababa baba) I could pull in hundreds of thousands a day. Since I dont steal, I just walk by smiling to myself.

But murder on the other hand, has been tried by many people to achieve the perfect crime, in which the murderer can never be caught. This is my (ficticious) situation:

The old man was stabbed in the back. The door was bolted from the inside, There are no windows or chimneys. After busting in the door with a axe, you find him dead at his desk with nothing strange, beside for the fact that he's dead, and there are 35 bars of soap on the floor. So............................................. whodunit? (the butler claims he was sleeping at the time and awoke when he heard some noise.) You are allowed to ask for clues.


doodlehead said...

I added some clues in the entry entitled: addition

trix said...

here I was going to be original and he beats me to it in the wrong posts. so we'll just get a second vote for lil soapy.

doodlehead said...

Soapy didnt do it. When we had our little get together, soapy spent many agonizing hours pondering the deep mysterious situation. His guesses and questions were extremely original, but when I told him the answer he was a little upset. I'll give you one of the clues I gave him, the desk was a very old wooden desk, the chair was a wicker chair, and the door was part steel.