Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Speaking of cops

posted Friday, 17 February 2006
Just in case you were

Last night I witnessed the police brutality when they think nobody is watching. I went with a friend of mine, Jerome to ###### (somewhere that I'm not going to share with you to protect our identities.) So we are walking in the street and we hear some loud shouting. " GET THE FU** HOME, YOU WANT TO BI** WITH ME, I SAID GET THE FU** HOME OR I'LL SLAM YOUR AS* IN JAIL" Of course we stop to watch the action. We witness about 6 cops and a drunk guy. They were walking behind him screaming instructions like "dont turn around, keep walking. If you turn around I'm taking out the cuffs and you go to jail" Then he looks behind him and bam! They slam him against the wall a couple of times and go through the whole hands up against the wall frisking procedure. The poor guy had a really unfair advantage, I mean 6 on 1. So we go and help him.

Just kidding. We didnt do a thing. We learn our lesson when it comes to cops. I wish we could have but the only thing we could have done was take a picture and send it to the newspaper or something. When I suggested it to jerome (when they started getting really violent)he didnt want to take out his camera, because they would see the flash, it was a dark desereted street at 3 in the morning, there were no other witnesses so stop us from getting the same treatment, and because hes a first class wuss. So we just walk on our merry way and we watched the cops leave,and let them on their way,laughing all the way to dunkin donuts.

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