Sunday, March 25, 2007

Earthshattering Discoveries

ok, maybe not shattering but definitely scratching a 3 inch groove off the surface with the back of a hammer and a hard bristled toothbrush.

posted Wednesday, 22 November 2006

I just made 2 of em. #1 is that a week in Israel contains just 1 day-tuesday(if u need me 2 explain I will).The 2nd one I spent some time pondering was the age old problem that has bothered people in all sorts of life threatening situations, of the earth being flat or round. After a series of complex experiments, I have concluded that its neither. The world is actually square.


shaina said...

u can't do this to me

teddydouglas said...

I'll take a stab at it. Sat night, sun night and thurs night are late late party nights. That means shabbos, sunday and friday are dead. Monday is the first day back, so you gotta get back into it. Tuesday is real, bu Wednesday you already have to plan and prepare plans for the weekend.

The square thing is an attempt at lo yachpor vhameivin yavin.

trix said...

I'm not the meivin, so can you clarify with me how the earth is square?

I can see what you mean about tuesday. I had this minor class on teusdays, and then it felt like I didn't have the major class barely at all. then they switched the minor to sundays and I had to start skipping school on teusday.

doodlehead said...

shaina-what what? teddydouglas-wow ur good. the tuesday thing was a bit different, but u got the 4 lo yachpor u hit it on the head. (although it can be cone shaped or triangular as well) trix- it wouldnt make any sense if it was round. ye, i like the 1 day week. even tho everything goes way 2 fast when a month only has 4 days.