Monday, March 19, 2007

So far today.

posted Thursday, 22 June 2006

yada yada yada blah blah blah. hi

Its early afternoon now and so far I overslept, missed my train to manhattan, missed my ride to williamsburg, and am all set to miss my ride to boro park. In the summer I work at a special kids camp, and for some odd reason I have to go to a stupid staff meeting.(After a whole buncha summers there I did an awesome job, without ever going to meetings, but this year theyre making me, people these days) This camp meeting is what resulted in all these misses, and although I didnt have a chance to get lost yet, cuz I didnt get anywhere yet, but Im looking forward to getting really really lost. The last time I got so wonderfully lost, I was aiming for monsey and ended up in Boston. That was tons of fun. I'll try to keep you posted but I dont know if they have computers in middle of the nevada desert. If they do and I end up there I'l be sure to update.


trix said...

fun, I did that one summer. special bunk in regular camp. was great fun and very tiring. and the kids kept us rolling. and I didn't have to attend any meetings. when you live out of town all you have to do is show up.

sw said...

Can't believe you can get more lost than me. Still trying to figure out how you get to boston instead of monsey. Getting lost can be tons of fun exploring new things new worlds. Can't wait to hear your adventure. I really am impressed that you can work with special kids I really can't I have done it and it isn't for me.

flor said...

new state regulations (my sis had to go today too). did they fingerprint you last time?

getting lost in the reason i travel. much for interesting tahn final destination.

happy pit-stopping

doodlehead said...

twas just a waste of time. I updated. yeh special kids camp is one of the most fun thing around. I have mental blok when it comes 2 directions, so anythings possible. this was a meeting just 2 educate the new counselors. I agree, getting lost is more interesting (although that can depend on wher ur final destination is)