Sunday, March 11, 2007

Irs And Doodlehead

posted Friday, 9 December 2005
No,doodle's alright.Read on

So last night I get a frantic call from a friend, he's in trouble with his business, the Irs just settled up his rear and he needs help fast. He didnt pay taxes for a really long time. I'm not going to include any details because although we have already proved that the F.B.I dont know about my blog, I don't want to take any chances. As you probably remember, there was that guy on k-rock who admitted on air he hadnt paid taxes in years, and an Irs guy was listening, and blammo- hes in jail now.
Rounding up four other guys was no problem, and we headed up to his place. He had spent many sleepless nights just doing the tedious job that we came to complete, but as I told him " don't worry we are professionals". We were. To make a short story about the same length, we did a truckload of work in about a VW beatle's amount of time.We spent our thursday night manually editing paper work ( sorry but I can't reveal the tricks of the trade) until the wee hours of the morning.
Then we celebrating by stuffing ourselves with pastrami sandwiches and cholent and other oily flaishig goodies. Now we've got our paper cuts, heartburn, and boy are we tired. But it was worth it. Or was it?


HuuHaa said...

Are you making the leap to Sirius? The problem is they dont have a walkman thats cheap. My father actually got Sirius! Hed pobably get rid of it if he knew why i wanted it.

doodlehead said...

Nah, I was never that much of a fan. Regarding Xm radios, I heard that when you get the 3 month trial and you never turn it on, and after the 3 months are up you turn it on, they dont realize you're using it, and dont bill you. I dont know if this is true, its probably just one of those rumors though.

doodlehead said...

If you are an Irs guy and you are reading this, dont come after me cuz its all a lie. *whew* I hope that works.