Sunday, March 11, 2007

I Refuse!

posted Monday, 28 November 2005

I will not write an "interesting" article until I know who reads my blog. I dont mind people sending me emails that my blog is boring and that I should write some interesting things. However if nobody writes back, how do I know its being read, and appreciated or not? I barely have enough time to sit down and write but if people respond, it makes it worthwhile.

So this is your chance. Right here, tell me what you think, what I should right about ,whatever you want. I really dont care. The only suggestion I ever had was from my dear friend soapmaker, who said I should write about my daily life, since it is what most people call bizzare, (or something like that)I dont really think its as crazy as he seems to think, but I'll consider it. Please, person-who-reads-this-but-doesnt-make-a-comment, just click the comment button and tell me what is (or isnt) going through your head right now.

Your time and patience and salami sandwiches are much appreciated.



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The Fat Boy said...

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