Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ending All Strife

posted Thursday, 27 October 2005
I have a great way we can end all conflict in eretz yisrael, both the Arab-Isreali and the Chareidi-Chiloni. First lets analyze how the problems start. A little Arab boy throws a rock at a soldier. The soldier opens fire over his head to 'teach him a lesson'. Then the boys father gets mad "he shot at my son" and starts a riot-killing a soldier. Then the army kills the rioters. "Oh you killed a rioter, now we blow up your cafe" "oh you blew up our cafe, we kill terrorist leader" etc. etc.
The way the other conflict starts is when a non frum jew is riding his car on shabbos and a little charedi boy throws a rock at him. Then that chiloni, really upset about the paint job on his car, goes to his newspaper and writes a really mean article about frum jews- who then go and protest his article -only to get beaten by the non frum police etc. etc. Both problems start with rocks.
What I propose we do, is get a whole bunch of really big tractors to go around the country and remove every rock in the country- and then no more problems!
What do you say?


doodlehead said...

I know I wrote this on once, but when I was told that there are people who read my blog but dont go on, I figured I'd put it here, if you read it already then feel free to exit and find something more exciting to do, like cleaning the underside of your toenails.

Petra said...

Great work.