Wednesday, April 11, 2007


thats me

posted Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Im right now in the airport. Waiting. Its fun to wait. Theres all sorts of other people waiting with you. Some of them are impatient. Some are reading. Some are sitting with their heads in their hands as if they just lost their luggage. (Speaking of luggage I hope security doesnt go through my suitcases. Besides for the other contraband I have a license plate from a arab bus. A friend stole it when he and some guys trashed an arab village for no reason. I hope they dont confiscate it.) The one thing we all have in common is that we're waiting. (actually that chinese guy at the far end of this row is wearing a shirt, I'm also wearing a shirt. So we have lots in common. I think I'm gonna go over and say hi.) I wish I had my roller blades. These long smooth floors they have here are perfect. Next time I'l try to remember. (no not the same way I said I was gonna bring a jumprope and a frisbee, this time I'm gonna tie something around my finger or something.) Stangely this whole flight seems to be made up of old people. I wonder if theres a convention somewhere. An old person convention. For old people. With sunglasses. At four in the morning. Indoors. And with lots of rustly plastic bags. That rustle. When you rustle them. I wonder. It would probably be a real fun convention to visit. For a couple of minutes. Then when you're done laughing, run real fast out of there. Or not so fast. Depending on canes being present or not. And if you like getting hit on the head with rustly plastic bags full of rotten cabbage, (or whatever else they managed to stick in there) Some people actually enjoy that sort of thing. But not with cabbage, thats not so common. Its more common with avacadoes. I dont know why.

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