Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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know what I just realized?This stupid subtitle thing cuts me off about a quarter the way through.All the important stuff that I usually write is completely gone.Forever and ever.lost forever. oh woe is me. for i havent a clue what i wrote.what if it

posted Thursday, 25 January 2007

This shabbos I'm going to be going to one of my relatives. I figure its about time I did. This particular relative invited me about 37 squadrillion times, and each time I had to say that I would love to come but this shabbos I already had plans to go to________ (fill in the blank with whichever place you'd like. Wasnt that fun? Lets play that game! "Charles was a _____ . He enjoyed______, but only on thursdays, if he had ketchup and __________. His great great grandfather was a famous_______, who was also known for his _______ ________. One day charles was walking along to go to the_____, carrying the urn with his famous great great grandfathers ashes.And all of a sudden he was eaten by a giant, scary _________, charles, ashes, and urn. All eaten. the end". Wasnt that a great?I love that game.) So my wonderful relative (who I love dearly, but just had the rotten luck of always calling after I had already made plans) finally told me to call her when my "busy schedule allowed the time" for them. So I'm making time this week. Should be fun. (it usually is. After all, they're related to me)

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