Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dont Worry

Cuz worrying never did anybody any good. I promise.

posted Monday, 19 March 2007

I'm alive. Sorry about the long time no update. I got home late thursday night.(Which is slightly odd because I left monday night.) I wasnt arrested, although I did put a bunch of tapuach stickers around Germany. I also put on a show for about a hundred Indians (red dots and all) in the airport while they waited for their flight. (its the fourth continent I did cartwheels in) When I finally made it home I was greeted by a wonderful snowstorm. Sometime tonight we're gonna start the north american phase of the tapuach campaign. Whatever we missed so far in the world conquest. Should be easy. (I dont care how hard movies make it look, they're all morons)


shaina said...

welcome home.

chicago has way too many bare wall that are waiting to be graffitied. when r u comin?

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(How embarrassing...)

doodlehead said...

shoulda used a calculator. thats how i post comments. like how else would i know wat 8+1 is?as of now i dont think im gonna make it :( i was gonna send a hole buncha stickers with a frend from chicago but i forgot. next time u kno of someone going il send some.

Leno said...

Good to see you. Good luck with the Tapuach campaign! I'll try to cover Detroit with or without stickers. Enjoy your vacation!!!!

ski said...

Glad you made it, any meets? Can I be the chair lady for the tapuach campaign? Keep us updated. It's good the Indians didn't attack you. Did they talk English? Hope you had the video on.

doodlehead said...

leno-dont worry some stickers should b heading ur way soon ;) ski- of course the vid was on. the problem was that the old chinese guy i asked 2 do it had no clue wat he was doing and missed most of the action. he got some of it tho.

ski said...

So send it over!

doodlehead said...

sent :)