Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ok An Update

cuz i wanna, and i will, wtvr the odds

posted Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Im leaving Israel in a couple of hours. I still havent packed. I havent done a lot of things. Im gonna stop over in Germany. Should be fun. I'm gonna be alone with my camera and lots of tapuach stickers. Theres no way I'm gonna make my flight to NY. I should probably buy some matza. Just in case I get stuck for pesach. (Or when I get stuck. the chances of me making my flight are those of a sushi chef, wrapped in seaweed, covered in wasabi and thrown out of a 94th floor window, with hot metal chopsticks thrust in between his toes, of surviving) I heard the German police arent so friendly either. Lets hope they can't outrun me , or I'm gonna be there for shavuos also.


teddydouglas said...

Have a safe flight.

doodlehead said...