Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ok Ok

You talked me into it. I'l update.

posted Sunday, 1 April 2007

Today I decided my room has to be cleaned for pesach. (or it was decided for me by some very unhappy parental units) Therefore I will (bli neder) be cleaning my room sometime today/tonight instead of waiting for the last minute (as in 3 minutes before shkia on erev pesach) like I usually do.

The tapuach campaign has spread all over the globe. There are tapuch stickers in all sorts of exciting countries. (if you ever make it to the red light district in amsterdam, you will see tapuach stickers.) We just need volunteers to get to the moon, and we'll have most of our galaxy covered.


shaina said...

does that make me one of your parental units?

oh and i'd be DELIGHTED to go to the moon for u!

doodlehead said...

ok dad, il clean my room, i promise. (its so much fun having a dad named shaina) u really dont mind the long travel?

ski said...

Is your room clean yet? So cool that you went to Niagra I loved it.