Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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doesnt it look cooler with 3 g's?

posted Thursday, 8 March 2007

This blog will self destruct in 10 seconds. You do not have time to run. If you feel bad for your mouse you have enough time to throw it out the window. Make sure to unplug it first.Ok ok, sit down. Wipe that panicked look off your face. I'm sorta kidding. Nothings gonna blow. At least not for a couple of months. It will delete itself at the end of the year. Dont worry, I'l let you know where I'm moving to. I also think thats the reason it wasnt letting anyone comment. (We'll see if comments work this entry. If it doesnt, chuck your mouse out the window or something)

I spent today at the beach. Relaxed. Built a huge sand castle. With a nice moat and all sorts of wonderful designs. Everyone stopped to take pics. You'd think they'd never seen a sand castle before. I only have a couple of days left till I go to America. So I'm chilling out, and assuming my stuff will just pack itself. (Hmm, I dont think I unpacked in the first place.) In other news the j key just popped off my keyboard. But if I push my finger in the empty slot it made I can still get the letter. It looks sorta like a knocked out tooth gap. I hope it can be fixed, or I'm gonna have to memorize where the j key was everytime I wanna push it.


shaina said...

ok - now it makes me do a math problem every time i comment. just great. i hope ur kidding about your blog disappearing. it aint going nowhere, u hear? if u need help packing, just pay for my ticket. i'd be delighted to go help. oh and btw my first comment worked just fine. i can see it, at least.

ski said...

The last comment still won't post and wow shaina is right I do have to do math (i thought she was kiddin)gosh i go to blogs to get away from tasks. Before your blog does disappear make some neat looking fireworks set off and let us know when to watch the blast. Any pics of the sand castle ?

doodlehead said...

i doubt my comment will work. theyre making me do 1 to. i think 6+6 is 12, if this comment doesnt work then ul kno y. shaina- sorry, but it isnt up 2 me. the morons running this site r in charge. ski- i dont have a pic, but a real nice couple from texas took a pic, and should b emailing it 2 me in a couple of weeks.

teddydouglas said...

Happy you enjoyed the beach. Blog-city is evil.