Thursday, May 10, 2007

Death Pics

The other day I went to the cemetery. Just to do a favor for someone. He needed a minyan for a yahrtzeit or something. Heres some pics that I took that I think are nice.

I have discovered that although blogger makes the pics small you no longer have to use your imagination to imaging what the picture looks like with all the detail!You can click on it to see it full size. And I figured this out all on my own!


lkwdgirl18 said...

how many diff. ways can u say death?

doodlehead said...

is this some sorta trick question. i'm gonna guess 12.

Shaina said...

Oops - I can't believe I forgot to tell you that about the pics.

And see? I'm commenting! Just don't have much to say.

Death.... hmmm... those are lovely pics you got.

Can you make the next post a bit less morbid?

lkwdgirl18 said...

u sure had a buncha ways 2say thank you

trixies86 said...

cool I got a kosher meat web site.

that doesn't have to do with death except in a way that I chose not to think about.

doodlehead said...

shaina- i love being rite :)
ok. il try.
lkwdgrl18- ur rite i kno of 465 diff languages 2 say thankyou in. in english i kno about 12 ways 2 say death.
trixies- r u happy with that ad? if not u can get much cooler ones.