Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yom Kippur

I spent Yom kippur down south (as in further then beer sheva). In the desert. I felt that regular fasting wasnt a challenge anymore, so why not fast in the desert where its much hotter, and easier to dehydrate? I had a very nice and spiritual yom kippur. I davened in a hesder yeshiva, and theres just nothing that can compare to a yom kippur davening with a couple of hundred soldiers. Heres a pic of the view. Open desolate desert all around.

Last week I did help my cousin bottle his latest batch of beer. It was fun and awesome, at least as fun and awesome as stepping the daylight out of the grapes. And judging by the taste testing, a real excellent beer.


Moe said...

you were missed out in your home town!! tonz of the boys came back and where were you... out partying!!!!
wow some friend you are!!!!!!
hope you had us in mind!!!

doodlehead said...

partying? i was praying :)
anyway i missed the boys 2.