Sunday, September 30, 2007


Sukkos I'm in yerushalayim. Its really nice, and lots of fun. Heres some pre-sukkos pics.

My sukka isnt pictured here, but its real cute. I started building it about ten minutes before shkia (last minute is best)erev Yom tov and barely had enough time to shave shower and get ready before sundown. (Its really original looking)
Theres crazy parties ever where each day of sukkos. Coming back from a party last night I hitched a ride in the trunk of a teen Israeli guy's car. Teen Israeli drivers drive a lot faster and recklessier then their distant cousins Israeli drivers. Being in their trunks is lots more fun. I would recommend it to anyone. The music is much better in the trunk, and I didnt run out of air until only 5 minutes from my apartment. Then I got home, (after taking lotsa breaths of fresh air) and went right out and made some of my own parties. Sukkos is funner then playing ping pong on the back of an elephant while wearing a loin cloth and warpaint. (and theres not much funner then that, trust me)


Calvin and Hobbes said...

Just think, you almost missed this all by going home :P

Rafi G said...

great pix!

doodlehead said...

calvin- true. Although i have fun anywhere ;)
rafi- thanks!

Calvin and Hobbes said...

yeah, but this is totally the best place to be. I mean, come on. Turning into peeling tomatoes is the best part of all.