Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Last night I was up all night making wine. Or more precisely, picking grapes. The actual stamping on the grapes part only took a few minutes but the wine won't be ready for quite some time. Its gotta ferment first. My cousin, who's an experienced and unbelievable wine maker needed help turning his latest grape shipment into something a little squashier. I personally crushed a hundred pounds of grapes with my bare feet. (beat that. Unfortunately, I did not end up with the purple stained feet I'd hoped for. But what can you do, you cant always have everything) Heres a pic, looking into a barrel a grapes. (as opposed to looking out of the barrel of grapes. Thats not as much fun, and you can end up picking sediment out of your ears for days. And thats assuming you were actually rescued. Some people arent so lucky and are left to ferment.)

I'm hoping my cousin needs my help to bottle his latest batch of beer also. Cuz it should be almost as fun as tap dancing on top of little defenseless grapes, but with less grape skins between my toes. At least I think so. I dont think anyone would actually sneak into my crocs while I'm bottling beer and pout lots of grape skins between my toes. That would be silly.


Calvin and Hobbes said...

I did that once. It was so much fun. We didn't get to keep it, though. It was fun and very relaxing...kinda like kneading dough.

Jacob Da Jew said...


I used to watch my neighbor make wine. He had a press and all.

Beer usually doesn't come out good homemade.

doodlehead said...

My cuz has been doing it for years, hes very meticulous with his measuring, and adding the right stuff at the right times etc. his beer is awesome.

Calvin and Hobbes said...

yeah, my dad has a friend at home that makes his own wine and one day he gave my dad two bottles of different kinds of wine. I'm not so into wine (I only like Moscato D'asti...I guess I'm a girl) but apparently it was really good. If you give me a rum and coke, a screwdriver, etc. I'm happy, but I don't do the wine thing.

Moe said...

ILMAO!!!! please send the bro my love and take some for yourself!!!