Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yeah yeah

I'm aware that I'm supposed to be updating, the problem is that its not like its a simple task. I would love to be able to type my thoughts onto this electronic paperistic thing in front of me and have them appear on my screen. I would love to be able to do so whenever my thoughts pour out of my head in fuzzy fountains like the slurpee machine that got its vat punctured by an errant shot gun blast. Thick sweet frothy and cold, all over the floor. Sorta like the exact opposite of a volcano but just as harmful and serious. Especially if you own the place and just mopped it. Your day would've been hunky dory until this unfortunate incident. Only one or two unruly teens, easily dispatched with a quick cry of "ID, ID, you must shew me iedee okay?" You probably only had your couch and the decision which flavor 6-pack you'd be bringing home on your mind, now your entire existence thrown into total disarray by some punk with a 12 gauge and a grudge. Or perhaps a hunger for some cash and bad aim. Either way the floor will never be quite the same clean as it was this morning. The point is updating only sounds like a simple walk in the park if you havent actually walked a mile in the park. Once you have, you discover the lions and tigers that roam the park after dark. And the muggers, oh yes mustn't forget the muggers. They have rights too, you know.
Anyway, lately I've been traveling the globe and have not been meticulous in my updating schedule. As I continue to travel I see more new sights, and think more new thoughts. I continue to progress with my goal of cartwheeling in every state, country and continent on earth, but its not going as fast as I would like. Thousands of miles have been covered and thousands more to go, "Press on, for today is a new day, live, for that day is but a short one." -Quote from some really famous guy who needed to get some more air in his diet.


Anonymous said...

You are aware of course, that going to Chicago a couple of times is hardly considered globe-trodding.

doodlehead said...

indeed. in the US i actually added quite a few states to my cartwheeling list. i dont ONLY travel with u, dont take it personally.

Ben-Yehudah said...

I have only cartwheeled in two states, but have cartwheeled in several cities in Israel. I'm not kidding.

I used to do it for my students in Adar to demonstrate how the world is hafuch before ge'ulah.

BTW, next time you come back to Israel, would you bring me the larger size Slurpee?


doodlehead said...

in the last few weeks alone, i cartwheeled in at least 10 states.

id gladly bring it, do u care if its a lil melted?

Ben-Yehudah said...

What? No carry on portable freezer? ;-}

You're allowed one lick, BTW, to show that it's not poison nor other material inappropriate for flight travel.

david santos said...

Have a nice weekend!!!