Sunday, January 25, 2009

Memo to President

Dear President Obama,

I'm sure you're as big a fan of this blog as your predecessor President Bush was. During your campaign I heard all about change, change and change. So far you've been president for about a week now, and despite all the promises of change, absolutely NOTHING has been done about this extreme cold weather we are experiencing lately. I look forward to the change you promised. I warmly thank you.

P.S Now that Guantanamo Bay inmates are slated for release, it is only logical that Jonathan Pollard will be next. Thanks again.


yakidy yak said...

2 posts in 1 month?

Ben-Yehudah said...


1. Watch out, he may send you down their to open up the new Guantanimo Resort. Then you won't be cold.

2. Don't count your oifos before they've been shechted.

doodlehead said...

yakidy- is that 2 much 4 u?

ben yehuda-
1. i wouldnt mind that much

2.good point.

Just Me said...

Well, Obama did say it might take him a few months, so wait till the summer maybe he'll get the weather better by then.

doodlehead said...

I shall wait. If indeed nothing happens, I demand an impeachment.