Sunday, August 19, 2007

The regular

Today I was sitting in my apartment, just minding my own business. (trying to locate a broker for one armed pirate shirts. If you must know) When I hear a knock at the door. This knock on the door was strange for two reasons. Number one, nobody ever knocks on my door. Ever. They just barge in and plop on the couch, or raid the fridge or something. Number two, it wasn't the polite knock of a person wanting to come in, it was the impatient knock-knock-knock that police officers use when breaking into your house at two in the morning. Its the knock that combines urgency and command to sort of say, "open up this door within thirty seconds, or we're bashing the door down with either a bazooka, or the king size cop who eats donuts for a living." (depending on how much noise they want to make) Anyway I open the door and I see an M-16. Behind it are two rather large police officers. They don't look very happy and are holding some warrant papers. They start interrogating me as to the whereabouts of someone I dont know. Through the conversation they discover that I really don't know who they want, and (finally) I'm actually innocent of any crime (ha, who would've thought)It was only after they left did I realize they were looking for my neighbor. I hadnt realized who they wanted cuz I never knew he had a last name. My neighbor is a real great guy. He's a little psycho, but he loves to party with us.He's gotta be at least 50 but he's always got something crazy going on. The last few days he wasnt being so friendly and his face was bandaged up. The question is what he did, and if I should go look for him to tell him the cops are after him.


Anonymous said...

i knew i could count on you not to rat on me. . . ask your l.o.r.

doodlehead said...

i would never rat on anybody.
as soon as see him im gonna tell him 2 b careful.

Sophia A Fred said...

I learnt one of the most important lessons of the Isreali life last night. That EVERYONE In Isreal helps everyone else. (this of course was at 4 30 in the morning when my friend was dignoised with alcohol poisoning). So I of course would say help him, cause the help I got from complete strangers was unreal!

doodlehead said...

u got it. israel is da best.

yingerman said...

So what you gonna do?
I think you should keep out, why open that can of worms, you never know what you're gonna get into, leave well enough alone, and lotsa other nifty klee-shays!

doodlehead said...

im not gonna help the cops. but if i see him im gonna casually inform him that some cops were looking 4 him.

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